Art of Indian Kalakar is a social media online website, a marvelous platform which invites unknown talent from the land of cultural values, India. India is the land of numerous talented jewels like Tansen, Lata Mangeshkar, Birju Maharaj, Amjad Ali Khan and many remarkable people.Music and dance are art forms that never cease to spread their fragrance and embody the culture and tradition of a region. To diversify this and to maintain the spirit, our site allows the true artists from different areas of interest. We intend to help Indian singers, dancers, models, actors and other artists move ahead to Indian instrumental music to embark and to present the aroma.

This platform is built to express your talent and showcase your work. Also it allows the talents like poetry writer, lyricist and even composer to find their way through this. As we have lot of Indian talents, in the visage of Indian singers, Indian dancers that will be our future Indian Artist.

We believe such interactions amongst singers, dancers, models and various artists lead to the enrichment of intercultural understanding of the artists and their audiences. This platform also leads to improvements in the skills of the artists involved. Today you can easily utilize the power of the internet by putting yourself and your band/ensemble on IndianKalakar. It is free to get listed and the results are immediate.maintain the tradition of classical music, art of Indian classical Dance and power of

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